Poetry Statement

    Poetry is a special and unique form of expression. It is a verbal dialogue between self and emotions which essentially work together to communicate something to an audience. It doesn’t always have to be towards an audience, it could just be to relieve ourselves. We also use prose as a main stylistic way to express ourselves, although, poetry is more artistic. Poetry tends to resonate with everyone, whether they are the poet or the audience. It is the art of putting certain words together that can help deliver a message or a feeling so clearly. In today’s day and age, poetry is seen most in the form of spoken word and slam. I think people have a perception of that poetry has to always be negative, however, it is more about who you are personally. It is about what makes you, YOU, and what life experiences contribute to that. Over the years, spoken word has become a trend, especially for youth. It has provided a new platform for people to speak, not only about personal topics but about what’s going on in this country. Topics will range from police brutality, Trump, climate change, and so much more. It is a great way for people to spread awareness and speak about their opinions. Poetry is the art of articulating our opinions, thoughts, and emotions.


    There are so many platforms for poets who search for a space to share their work with audiences. It is an incredible feeling when you realize that other people can relate to you and that you aren’t the only person in the world that is feeling something. One of the biggest platforms of poetry is Button Poetry. This is a platform which showcases diverse voices throughout the community. They broadcast amazing performances by today’s inspiring poets, and promote it through social media. This is one of the many platforms whose mission is to expand the poetry audience and poetry media. Spoken word groups and slam groups have been more prevalent in colleges and high schools which is a result of this oncoming popularity of poetry. Everyone expresses themselves differently. I think people tend to put negative emotions with negative actions like crying, ranting on social media, and physically putting themselves through more pain. We need outlets to put our emotions towards, and I think writing what we feel can help make a difference in the way we process and handle things. It is what we do with those emotions that make a difference.


    Voice is so important, especially when you feel like you don’t have one. Poetry is not only a type of writing, but it is a community of people who believe that our voices do matter. Not only can we find our voices through writing, but we can develop our own styles within this genre that fits each of us differently. I think that writing poetry and performing it gives me strength. Poets are some of the strongest type of people because they have the courage to simply speak up in a way that a lot of people don’t know how. Personally, I think our experiences give perspective to several things whether it is race, sexual assault, or being the new kid. I think sometimes people fail to consider how not every situation is one-sided, and not every experience is interpreted the same. I think that spoken word gives voice to those who want to shed light on those perspectives. I think the responsibilities with being a poet includes simply being authentic in what you say, and not using it to hate on anyone. I think some of the best poets know how to express themselves without devaluing anyone else, or anything else in a way that still gets their point across. Poetry is meant to be personal, but enlightening.