I think as a relatively new poet, I am always afraid

of writing lines that have already been written.

Lines that have already been thought over and

internalized by the rest of the public audience.

Does it make me cliched if I think like others too?

Do the lines I write not touch you hard enough?

I am challenged to provide a new breakthrough.

My lens can only be seen through my eyes but

my poems are the universal versions of them.

Put these lens on, and you’ll be challenged too.

You’ll be challenged to envision a new world

through the eyes of a girl living the present.

I think you’ll find solace in the fact that there

is never simply peace within me in this life.

Perhaps you realize that with these lens, you

begin to analyze yourself in conscious ways.

You will see the confession and acceptance for

the bad, and you will hear the the appreciation

for the good which comes out of recognition.

Perhaps I will come into prominence after

learning to write more for myself, and not just for

others. I think to be great is achieving both at once.

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