Her Glistening Beauty, Her Glistening Power

She typed “beauty is power” and

when she sat in bed that night she cried.

Dark skin never looked so good below the sun’s rays..

making her look Just a little bit lighter.

Just a little bit more beautiful.

As if the lighter she was, the more beautiful

they would see her.

As if the lighter she was, the more her black

girl magic was actually working.

She didn’t know that black itself could glisten like stars.

Captivate and wake the world whole with just a smile,

until the world stopped changing her..until the world started to accept her.

She looks away in her photos because cameras can't tell the difference

between happiness and self doubt. So she exhibits her body,

a feature most desired of perfection.

A body, her body,

which she wished had been five likes good enough.

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