A Testimony

For my introverted, quiet but not quiet, wanna-be-loud but ain’t, souls

You are not the kind of social butterfly they think of

my darling, you say everything without words.

Your stare, your smile, your style controls the narrative.

Let them fathom every scenario about you,

gossip and wonder how you do just fine

and just fine is how you do everything,

my darling, you do not owe this world your emotion.

You do not owe a slick walk or a “thank you” to any man,

and you do not need to mask your God-given curls.

You can exist without conforming to bylaws, to street codes

and somewhere, someday, a little girl, black and short and plump

like you was, will stare at you with all the wonder in the world.

contemplate whether or not to tell you she likes your hair