Amplify Latinx: Authentic Afro-Latinidad & Poetry

“This is for my introverted, quiet but not quiet, wanna-be-loud, but ain’t, souls.”

Thank you SO MUCH to Amplify Latinx and Rosario Ubiera-Minaya for creating this opportunity where I could have a voice and feel seen for who I am. I had struggled a lot finding my identity, fighting for myself, and finding ways to express how I feel.

The poem I read in this video is called “A Testimony” and i wrote it thinking about the many ways that revolution can present itself. It is a poem that validates self-love and embracing one's body. To me, a version of revolution is choosing to live in my truth and unlearning societal standards. Proud to be of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent. Proud to be black. Proud to be a vulnerable soul.

“You are of brown glitter, Afro-shaped suns, and courageous stars.”

Find the whole poem here on my website!