My Relationship With Poetry

Happy #NationalPoetryMonth!! ✨📝🤎

I have been taking a Spanish creative writing course focused on poetry and I’ve been reflecting lately on what poetry is to me and its significance in my life. I wrote this poem as a result of that reflection.

For me, poetry is like a home. It is not only a means of self-expression, but rather a space in which I can engage in the utmost vulnerability and solitude. That’s what I imagine a home should feel like. It is not perfect but it is safe, non-judgmental, freeing, and a sponge to all emotions. The first few lines of this poem speaks to the first time I wrote poetry and how it marked the beginning of my journey to healing and understanding.

My relationship with poetry started as something that I really needed in order to process things and understand myself better, specifically through analyzing my past traumas. I find so much comfort in the poems that I write, as well as poems written by others. Poetry carries me and sustains me. Even though I don’t share all of my work with you guys, I consider it very much a part of my identity.

I’ve also been pondering this quote by Mexican Poet, Octavio Paz, who said:

“La poesía debe ser un poco seca para que arda bien, y de este modo iluminarnos y calentarnos.”