When She Loves

Co-star says that my heart is afraid to relax. It's true.

The only time my heart is at rest is when my thoughts are and even then she still leaps for adventures.

Whether you feel her or not, she is the luminescence in the sun

putting up a front to all chaos,

holding my hand.

Even when broken

she does not

she does not

she does not rest easily.

She does not rest easily when there is work left to do.

Yes, she is still afraid.

Forgive her, for we have walked through fogs of pain. blinded, crashing into everything.

For I love to hard too much for anyone to bear-

So much that I lose time in places where I shouldn’t be

so I race through moments I wish had lasted forever.

I am the girl tossing crystals in the dark at midnight,

Bible in my lap, a red sea of to do's and what not to do.

I who loves violently, colorfully, blindly

knows only to fear what it feels like not to fight for myself,